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☞ Bangladesh is a Muslim country.

Islam is the state religion of Bangladesh. 89.7% of Bangladeshis are Muslims, the rest being Hindus 9.2%, Buddhists 0.6%, Christians 0.3%, and others 0.2%.

Bangladesh has one of the highest population density in the world.

Bangladesh has a population of 165 million, with an area of 143,998km  which makes it, 1,133people/km  making it the world's eighth most populous countryDhaka is its capital and largest city, followed by Chittagong, which has the country's largest port.



Bangladesh Overview:

ㅁName of country: People’s

            Republic of Bangladesh

ㅁDate of independence:

            1971 March 26th

            Northeast of South Asia

ㅁArea: 147,570 km² (2/3 of

            the size of the Korean


ㅁPopulation: 165 million

            (7th in the world)

ㅁPopulation density:

            1st in the world   

ㅁLanguage: Bengali

ㅁWeather: Winter(Nov.-Feb.)

           Summer (March- June)
           Monsoon (July- Oct.)

           Has a subtropical

                   monsoon climate.
ㅁCapital: Dhaka  

ㅁReligion: Islam 89.7% 

                Hinduism 9.2% 

                Buddhism 0.6%

                Christianity: 0.3%

                Other 0.2%
   - Main religion: Islam 
ㅁTime difference: 3 hours

          behind Korea

ㅁGDP per person:

         1,226 USD (2015)
ㅁCurrency : Taka (TK) 
ㅁExchange rate:

         USD $1=TK 82

☞ Bangladesh gained its independence in 1971.

It originally was part of Pakistan once gaining independence from Britain after World War II. Bangladesh became as its Own Country in 1971 separating from East Pakistan.

Bangladesh is a Socialistic background country.

Therefore, public education is very cheap.

The tuition fee for National Universities is around $6 per month, making it financially possible for many to enroll but they have to have good grades to be able to attend. However, Primary and Secondary school education in Bangladesh is poor and inadequate which is why after-school classes are necessary for a student who wants to achieve the high grades that the Universities require.

Wing Wing Center assists low-income families who cannot afford to send their children to Private tuitions for academic support as well as leading them to develop into adults with a good balance of social, emotional and physical stabilities.